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Because of COVID restrictions and canceled tours, the Kruger Brothers began live streaming shows 2x/wk in early 2020. I enjoy their music and have started to catalog the songs so that I could go back and listen or attempt to play along to specific songs. Note this is a free site, no revenue is expected. However, if you enjoy the Kruger Brothers as much as I do, donations directly to them are greatly appreciated. Please visit the 'Tip Jar' referenced on their videos.


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    SongEpisodeTime RefYouTube Link
    16th Avenue10047:56
    16th Avenue7439:01
    16th Avenue9149:08
    20 Cows, 50 Pigs and 500 Chickens5446:29
    500 Miles5030:34
    500 Miles6628:18
    500 Miles901:01:40
    ? Ogden11144:50
    ? Unknown11147:12
    ? cut short5749:13
    ? from album5746:24
    A Good Woman's Love10447:39
    A Good Woman's Love6147:25
    A New Country4052:46
    A New Country5855:40
    A New Country7415:06
    A Warm Evening Breeze9048:05
    Ad Lib recollections5049:53
    Alabama Bound4846:30
    Alabama Bound7537:02
    Alabama Bound9142:26
    All of Me9721:08
    All the Good Times are Past and Gone (preshow)7305:54
    Angelina Baker3846:49
    Angelina Baker6821:30
    Angelina Baker8845:34
    Appalachian Concerto8212:35
    Appalachian Mist10008:35
    Appalachian Mist4314:45
    Appalachian Mist7154:36
    Appalachian Mist8613:28
    Autumn Leaves4753:24
    Back in the High Life5640:50
    Back in the High Life9912:54
    Bad Moon Rising9513:30
    Banjo Pickin' Girl4515:09
    Banks of the Ohio3611:33
    Basin Street Blues10427:00
    Basin Street Blues8131:30
    Beaumont Rag6656:52
    Beautiful Nothing10028:42
    Beautiful Nothing4030:56
    Beautiful Nothing7029:31
    Beautiful Nothing8250:29
    Because It's Christmas Time707:27
    Bed of Roses10523:23
    Bed of Roses9250:09
    Behind the Barn6512:48
    Big Sciota11026:58
    Big Sciota6245:11
    Bill Cheatham (pre-show)975:10
    Black Mountain Rag10818:12
    Black Mountain Rag7956:12
    Blackberry Blossom4336:04
    Blackberry Blossom (preshow)683:36
    Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain (Preshow)10500:50
    Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain5040:51
    Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain7556:19
    Blue Ridge Mountain Blues10714:53
    Blue Ridge Mountain Blues5012:22
    Blue Ridge Mountain Blues6315:63
    Blue Ridge Mountain Blues7103:43
    Blue Ridge Mountain Blues8656:10
    Blue Suede Shoes9350:18
    Blueberry Hill9424:19
    Blues Stay Away From Me7223:39
    Blues Stay Away From Me9118:18
    Bobby McGee4433:59
    Bonaparte's Retreat3916:50
    Bonaparte's Retreat7235:13
    Bonaparte's Retreat8742:55
    Building on a Dream6056:18
    Cabin In The Hills10435:16
    Cabin In The Hills7711:26
    Cabin in Hills of Caroline3853:56
    Cabin in the Hills of Caroline5933:29
    Caleb Meyer11037:47
    Calling Banagher10440:03
    Calling Banagher10957:35
    Calling Banagher4415:50
    Can't Help But Wonder6336:09
    Can't You See5554:56
    Caravan (preshow)6106:13
    Careless Love9355:24
    Carolina ?something (preshow)8501:53
    Carolina Dawn5325:33
    Carolina Dawn9633:16
    Carolina In The Pines3548:35
    Carolina Star3637:03
    Carolina in the Fall1001:50:06
    Carolina in the Fall1091:35:00
    Carolina in the Fall4655:30
    Carolina in the Fall6041:18
    Carolina in the Fall711:29:20
    Carolina in the Fall8234:55
    Carolina in the Pines6547:17
    Catfish John4342:04
    Catfish John6623:11
    Ce La Vie11008:53
    Chantilly Lace9236:05
    Choices / Sarah10212:11
    Choices / Sarah3943:01
    Choices / Sarah8059:50
    Christmas Village7012:34
    Christmas for Cowboys6916:16
    City of New Orleans10235:46
    City of New Orleans4329:00
    City of New Orleans7428:05
    Clinch Mountain Backstep6551:49
    Cloudland Hotel5353:08
    Cloudland Hotel9112:45
    Columbus Stockade9254:42
    Columbus Stockade Blues3509:28
    Cool Snips10554:43
    Corrina, Corrina10453:46
    Corrina, Corrina6528:55
    Council of the Migrant Jesters5422:52
    Country Roads9937:04
    Country Roads (preshow)4806:01
    Cuckoo (preshow)6005:20
    Cumberland Gap9134:14
    Dark Hollow10248:20
    Dark Hollow6646:04
    Darling Corey (Preshow)891:10
    Darling Cory10319:10
    Darling Cory7648:20
    Days In The Field4145:28
    Days in the Field7527:34
    Days in the Field8729:55
    Deena / Three Fishers / Calling Bannagher6322:38
    Deep Elum Blues5412:38
    Dig A Little Deeper in the Well10412:11
    Don't Monkey 'Round My Widder5408:21
    Don't Monkey 'Round My Widder (preshow)9404:35
    Don't Think Twice10155:04
    Don't Think Twice1091:22:30
    Don't Think Twice7138:47
    Don't Think Twice8241:14
    Don't Think Twice, It's Alright6832:30
    Down In The Coal Mine7333:36
    Down in the Coal Mine10225:20
    Down in the Coal Mine11135:16
    Down in the Coal Mine9127:28
    Dueling Banjos10755:10
    Dueling Banjos5817:06
    Dueling Banjos7146:28
    Dusty Trail3827:20
    Dusty Trail7842:43
    Fields of Gold1002:00:40
    Fields of Gold5650:16
    Fields of Gold711:03:53
    Fields of Gold8518:41
    Fire on the Mountain8554:12
    Fireball Mail (preshow)8108:05
    First Settlers/Building on a Dream/Welcome to Ogdon8431:40
    Flint Hill Special5842:21
    Foggy Mountain Breakdown (pre-show)1018:40
    Foggy Mountain Special5751:00
    Foggy Mountain Special (Preshow)9208:52
    Foggy Mountain Top7814:50
    Foggy Mountain Top9640:48
    Folsom Prison Blues4721:00
    Folsom Prison Blues921:00:20
    Forever and a Day10059:00
    Forever and a Day10938:58
    Forever and a Day3747:42
    Forever and a Day6218:44
    Forever and a Day711:21:24
    Forever and a Day8512:55
    Forever and a Day9614:50
    Freight Train10530:04
    Freight Train6856:56
    Friend of the Devil10145:00
    Friend of the Devil4036:55
    Friend of the Devil7543:10
    Frosty Morn (preshow)6010:30
    Frosty Morn'711:36:11
    Fun on the Wabash5835:27
    Fun on the Wabash7435:35
    G Jam Blues10534:26
    Gather Round5337:15
    Gear Talk - Reverb1091:06:59
    Gear Talk - Truss Rod Adjust1091:04:27
    Gentle Touch / Private Angel9749:57
    Georgia (Preshow)10508:18
    German? song Unknown (preshow)8603:42
    Go Hither Go Yonder?(preshow)5908:05
    Go Tell Aunt Rhody (preshow)6401:50
    Gold Watch and Chain4551:59
    Golden Ring5620:46
    Golden Ring6445:40
    Golden Ring8118:35
    Grandfather's Clock4024:02
    Grandfather's Clock6515:57
    Grandfather's Clock9312:30
    Ground Hog(preshow)5912:38
    Ground Speed8509:00
    Groundhog song Unknown (preshow)8608:12
    Groundhog? (preshow)9005:00
    Hang Me Oh Hang Me5248:48
    Hang Me, Oh Hang Me7728:00
    Happy Birthday Uwe9941:46
    Hard Times (preshow)655:03
    Harder Than Steel4233:21
    Harder Than Steel6348:03
    Harder Than Steel8138:47
    Harder Than Steel986:20
    Hello City Limits6114:56
    Hello City Limits9042:55
    Hello Jack7835:44
    Help Me Make It Through The Night5657:03
    Help Me Make It Through the Night10338:30
    Hey, Good Lookin'10356:44
    Home in Louisiana9649:40
    Honey Babe Blues5850:09
    Honey Babe Blues6538:52
    Honey Babe Blues9741:00
    Hot Corn Cold Corn (preshow)7701:13
    Hot Corn, Cold Corn5841:21
    Hot Corn, Cold Corn8809:25
    House of Gold8723:51
    House of the Rising Sun5150:00
    House of the Rising Sun7455:47
    House of the Rising Sun9415:04
    How Long3908:05
    How Long8734:38
    How Long Blues721:01:34
    I Ain't No Stranger Now (preshow)7810:59
    I Know Someday941:01:10
    I Know You Rider4130:19
    I Know You Rider7513:29
    I Know You Rider9713:30
    I'll Be Home For Christmas695:40
    I'll Make Love To You Any Old Time10540:44
    I'm Just Here To Get My Baby4912:12
    I'm Just Here to Get My Baby7735:12
    I'm Knockin' on Your Door8924:50
    I'm On My Way to Canaan's Land8800:00
    I'm Worried Now7741:26
    I'm Worried Now (Preshow)9201:32
    I've Been Working On The Railroad (preshow)3700:37
    If I Needed You8300:25
    If I Were a Carpenter9734:25
    Immer am Herzen Nah4424:03
    In The Pines4916:08
    In The Pines7422:01
    Indian Summer10137:06
    Indian Summer3809:01
    Irene Goodnight5254:05
    Irish Spring5228:43
    Is This Me6745:14
    It's Mighty Dark10844:00
    Jack of the Wood1001:28:15
    Jack of the Wood11122:30
    Jack of the Wood5114:19
    Jack of the Wood5929:18
    Jack of the Wood7130:12
    Jack of the Wood8345:25
    Jam in G5628:47
    Jerusalem Ridge?4701:30
    Jerusalem Ridge? (preshow)6407:28
    Jingle Bells7053:09
    John Hardy5748:10
    John Henry5130:40
    John Henry7212:34
    Joke on a Puppy10125:18
    Joke on a Puppy (preshow)6204:42
    Just Walk On By10639:30
    Kansas City5018:34
    Keep That Sillet Good & Greasy7311:57
    Keep That Skillit Good and Greasy11031:42
    Keep That Skillit Good and Greasy5236:05
    Key to the Highway11153:38
    Key to the Highway4817:57
    Key to the Highway7921:10
    King of the Road9843:53
    Knocking on Heaven's Door9437:50
    Kruger Christmas Card6911:12
    Lady With Parasol4922:35
    Lady With Parasol6920:20
    Lady With Parasol8631:46
    Last Thing On My Mind5332:41
    Lay Down Sally10514:45
    Lay Down Sally5547:16
    Lay Down Sally9012:45
    Learning To Fly1002:11:00
    Learning To Fly5530:42
    Learning To Fly8815:33
    Leaving London3841:19
    Leaving London6050:56
    Leaving London9754:44
    Let It Snow7044:07
    Let Me Be Your Salty Dog (Preshow)9204:26
    Let Me Go (preshow)7808:12
    Like a Fox5045:57
    Like a Spark6211:36
    Little Cabin Home on the Hill8831:44
    Little Cabin Home on the Hill (preshow)7902:50
    Little Ol' Wine Drinker Me8451:10
    Little Ole Wine Drinker Me10549:50
    Loch Lomond661:28
    Lola (preshow)3500:26
    Lonesome Road Blues5821:45
    Lonesome Road Blues9026:25
    Long Black Veil6827:46
    Long Black Veil8837:02
    Lost Highway4725:38
    Luminous Waters9034:37
    Luminous Waters / Behind the Barn4007:51
    Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor5242:20
    March in F5455:12
    Martha White5845:03
    May You Never11102:44
    May You Never3821:39
    May You Never6412:37
    Me and Bobby McGee6134:50
    Medley Deena/?/Calling Banagher8535:08
    Mele Kalikimaka7023:10
    Midnight Moonlight6237:30
    Midnight Special10612:28
    Midnight Special4744:01
    Midnight Special6557:36
    Midnight Special8156:20
    Miles and Miles of Texas7933:55
    Mississippi Sawyer / Soldiers Joy4624:21
    Mole in the Ground107 50:22
    Mole in the Ground5946:00
    Mole in the Ground761:00:55
    Momma Don't Allow4442:42
    Momma Don't Allow8755:12
    Mommas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys5450:21
    Mommas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys7531:44
    Moon Over Switzerland1111:03:15
    Moon Over Switzerland3754:41
    Moon Over Switzerland6032:12
    Morning Sky1101:11:47
    Mountain Bear5724:55
    Mountain Bear7746:39
    Mountain Dew10344:05
    Mr. Engineer10332:46
    My Bucket's Got a Hole In It5429:44
    My Bucket's Got a Hole In It7315:50
    My Bucket's Got a Hole In It9815:35
    My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains1101:25:58
    My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains5220:39
    My Window Faces South3623:18
    Mystery Train10627:40
    Mystery Train4833:45
    Nashville Blues10351:16
    Nashville Blues4732:16
    New Camptown Races3617:32
    New Delhi Freight Train3554:58
    New River Train9729:00
    New Year's Show Ending712:07:08
    Night Skies3730:05
    Night Skies6641:16
    Night Skies7322:37
    No Place Like Home (preshow)4205:21
    No Title Yet - Jens8145:19
    Nobody's Fault But Mine6651:58
    Nobody's Fault But Mine9330:11
    Oh Mary, Don't You Weep7948:14
    Old Dan Tucker9337:42
    Old Dan Tucker (preshow)679:10
    Old Fashioned Christmas7017:06
    Old Fashioned Locket4641:59
    Old Slewfoot9557:13
    Old Spinning Wheel5035:42
    Old Time Medley9318:39
    Ole' Slewfoot8045:32
    On My Way Back to Georgia11053:25
    On The Road Again5312:25
    On The Road Again9948:33
    Once I Had A Sweetheart6036:45
    Once I Had a Sweetheart3933:53
    One Kind Favor5435:20
    One Kind Favor8822:19
    One More Ride11129:18
    One More Ride4930:00
    One More Ride5755:22
    One More Ride8425:15
    Overmountain Men6353:03
    Overmountain Men7447:00
    Overmountain Men9155:23
    Pacific Morning10856:45
    Pallet on Your Floor6255:45
    Pallet on Your Floor9446:40
    Peace in the Valley8025:00
    People Get Ready1001:35:55
    People Get Ready1101:02:58
    People Get Ready4406:44
    People Get Ready6846:58
    People Get Ready7108:39
    People Get Ready8227:09
    People Get Ready9519:40
    Piney Creek4323:20
    Piney Creek9455:40
    Poor Boy Blues10644:45
    Prelude Cello Suite in G7047:48
    Pretty Polly107 33:15
    Pretty Polly4813:13
    Prince Williams March7942:21
    Proud Mary10653:30
    Pull That Brake7838:49
    Railroad Bill4045:03
    Railroad Worksong5612:09
    Ramblin' Man5516:51
    Rambling Boy8748:55
    Red Haired Boy(preshow)6304:56
    Red Rocking Chair5209:57
    Redcoat Rondo5215:58
    Redcoat Rondo7551:47
    Redwing (preshow)6100:36
    Reuben's Train6151:24
    Reuben's Train9431:00
    Reuben's Train (Preshow)898:00
    Rider In The Rain10254:00
    Rider In The Rain4356:03
    Rider in the Rain8050:00
    Riding On The Midnight Train4946:15
    Riding On The Midnight Train6435:20
    Riding On a Midnight Train9054:09
    Ring of Fire (preshow)9601:14
    Rock Me Baby10619:50
    Rock Me Baby4853:02
    Rock Salt and Nails9550:00
    Rock, Salt and Nails3733:55
    Rock, Salt and Nails7521:27
    Roll Away / High Up In The Sky6612:14
    Roll Away Set9920:43
    Roll On Buddy (preshow)3800:32
    Roll on Buddy (preshow)6000:19
    Rooster Rock3527:43
    Rose of Old Kentucky3631:55
    Round and Round4210:19
    Round and Round6017:09
    Round and Round7909:58
    Round and Round / Like a Spark / When I'm Dead9825:04
    Route 6610130:24
    Run Mountain1091:09:56
    Run, Run, Run4159:08
    Run, Run, Run / Wilkes County Breakdown9213:59
    Running Down the Mountain8943:07
    Sacred Ground4115:11
    Sail Away Ladies4648:08
    Sally Ann6141:35
    Sally Ann7857:02
    Sally Ann9244:52
    Santa Claus? (preshow)691:18
    Say Darlin' Say4522:06
    Shady Grove4543:02
    Shady Grove5829:48
    Show Me a Place951:02:50
    Showboat Gambler11003:23
    Silent Night6937:05
    Singing the Blues9645:44
    Single Girl4534:30
    Sittin' On Top of the World5118:57
    Sitting On Top of the World6811:59
    Sitting On Top of the World7716:28
    Sitting on Top of the Bay5538:48
    Sixteen Tons1111:12:41
    Sixteen Tons3739:12
    Sixteen Tons5738:36
    Sixteen Tons741:04:08
    Sixteen Tons9019:44
    Sliding Delta8638:52
    Slow Clouds1091:15:13
    Slow Clouds3833:33
    Slow Clouds711:56:14
    Slow Clouds9342:45
    Slow Lights / Private Angel6842:27
    Slow Lights / Private Angel / Pacific Morning4347:40
    Some Old Day6816:49
    Some Old Day (preshow)9001:15
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow (preshow)8600:09
    Southern Flavor3515:30
    Spirit of the Rockies10911:30
    St. Anne's Reel4527:15
    St. James Infirmary10036:10
    St. James Infirmary4823:04
    St. James Infirmary8327:45
    St. Louis Blues5938:35
    St. Louis Blues9626:18
    Steiner Chilbi4430:00
    Stephen Foster melodies (preshow)8001:35
    Story behind Sarah10916:50
    Streamlined Cannonball1001:07:52
    Streamlined Cannonball11046:10
    Streamlined Cannonball3922:30
    Streamlined Cannonball8351:50
    Streets of London10018:58
    Streets of London1111:24:39
    Streets of London6428:27
    Streets of London711:45:17
    Streets of London (preshow)8404:30
    Sunday Morning Coming Down9225:46
    Sunday Morning Main Street5024:49
    Sunday Morning Mainstreet9536:43
    Sunday Morning on the Lake8930:34
    Sunny Side of the Streen (preshow)671:00
    Sunny Side of the Street9504:00
    Sweet Dreams10634:15
    Sweet Sunny South4617:53
    Sweet, Sweet, Sweet3649:06
    Sweetheart I Beg You3535:20
    Swing Low Sweet Chariot (preshow)7609:11
    Swing That Maul10312:09
    Swing That Maul8443:00
    Take Me Back to Tulsa8526:53
    Take Me In Your Arms10935:20
    Take Me In Your Arms6533:30
    Take This Hammer10823:50
    Take This Hammer4938:12
    Take This Hammer5843:33
    Take This Hammer7622:16
    Tall Buildings4632:17
    Tammy's Song7617:06
    Ten Degrees in Boulder8126:19
    Tennessee Stud1001:21:47
    Tennessee Stud4152:10
    Tennessee Stud6230:13
    Tennessee Stud8031:19
    That's Where I Belong5509:39
    The Boatsman5735:08
    The Cuckoo1001:17:12
    The Cuckoo6719:08
    The Devil To Pay6729:25
    The Girl I Left Behind Me (preshow)5808:20
    The Hobo9529:26
    The New Barn7654:03
    The Old Cross Road (pre-show)1014:20
    The Old Home Place10813:30
    The Plan4225:08
    The Plan6046:37
    The Plan711:13:55
    The Plan8627:34
    The Plan9851:35
    The Train That Carried My Girl From Town7929:11
    The Wedding Song10930:15
    The Wedding Song8912:39
    The Wreck10902:40
    The Wreck8715:27
    There's Always One More Train8017:24
    There's Always One More Train to Ride10417:22
    These Boots are Made for Walking1101:18:45
    This Is Me4140:10
    Three Fishers8152:48
    Tom Dooley10727:47
    Tom Dooley (preshow)5900:15
    Tough Luck Man3955:36
    Tough Luck Man4538:14
    Tough Luck Man631:00:07
    Tough Luck Man7632:08
    Toy Heart3521:48
    Train, Train871:47
    Troubled In Mind4014:40
    Troubled In Mind5144:15
    Troubled In Mind6750:15
    Troubled In Mind7643:42
    Tulsa Time9541:08
    Twenty Cows, Fifty Pigs9620:42
    Two Dollar Bill7327:45
    Unknown (preshow)9607:25
    Unknown 0 Episode 79 (preshow)7900:40
    Unknown 2 ep 58 (preshow)5810:13
    Unknown Blues ep 75 (preshow)7502:20
    Unknown Ep 63(preshow)6301:35
    Unknown Ep 74 (preshow)7401:25
    Unknown Jens9659:12
    Unknown Jig ep 75 (preshow)7507:04
    Unknown by Bill Emerson? (preshow)6109:00
    Unknown ep 59(preshow)5904:15
    Unknown ep 61 (preshow)6111:00
    Unknown ep 62(preshow)6201:40
    Unknown ep 66(preshow)663:47
    Unknown ep 70 (preshow)701:57
    Unknown ep 72(preshow)720:27
    Unknown ep 77 (preshow)7704:54
    Unknown ep 78(preshow)7804:28
    Unknown ep 81(preshow)8101:46
    Unknown ep 82 (Preshow)8200:20
    Unknown ep 84(preshow)8410:54
    Unknown ep 91(Preshow)9100:51
    Unknown ep 93(Preshow)9303:48
    Unknown polka1001:45:00
    Unknown2 Ep 74 (preshow)7410:26
    Unknown2 Ep 91 (Preshow)9105:11
    Unknown2 ep 63 (preshow)6308:48
    Unknown? ep 94 (Preshow)9409:30
    Up 18 North10001:34
    Up 18 North11113:25
    Up 18 North5916:16
    Up 18 North6453:01
    Up 18 North7118:06
    Wabash Cannonball4638:04
    Wade In The Water4738:20
    Wade in the Water8917:56
    Walk On Boy5729:34
    Walk On Boy8111:58
    Walk On By8947:37
    Walkin' By Myself4715:39
    Waltzing Matilda1111:07:35
    Warm Evening Breeze3724:45
    Warm Evening Breeze6635:47
    Watch the Clouds Roll By7124:46
    Watch the Clouds Roll By8339:32
    Watches the Clouds Go By11117:08
    Watches the Clouds Roll By5109:09
    Watches the Clouds Roll By5921:30
    Water of Love10118:54
    Water of Love7819:33
    Waters of Love5344:42
    Way Downtown3641:41
    Way Downtown591:01:05
    Way Downtown7723:01
    Wayward Wind8649:36
    Welcome to Ogden7357:42
    What Does the Deep Sea Say10837:00
    What Does the Deep Sea Say4246:07
    What Does the Deep Sea Say6712:34
    What Does the Deep Sea Say7752:26
    When I'm Dead My Dearest4217:04
    Whiskey Before Breakfast (preshow)6403:30
    White Christmas6944:47
    Will The Circle Be Unbroken3653:48
    Wind in the Wheat10739:50
    Wind in the Wheat4239:46
    Wind in the Wheat571:00:30
    Wind in the Wheat7255:38
    Windy and Warm10231:12
    Windy and Warm4933:11
    Windy and Warm (Preshow)9400:48
    Winter Storm Set8310:25
    Winter Storms / Three Laughing Monks6418:42
    Winter Storms Set3716:30
    Winter Wonderland6952:43
    Wonderful Tonight5524:05
    Working on the Railroad8416:54
    You Are My Flower6737:01
    You Are What I Am8710:59
    Your Cheatin' Heart11017:19
    precursor Jack of the Wood (preshow)6513:14
    unknown ep 58 (preshow)5802:20